Shopping Tips for choosing a OBD2 scan tools that work with

Shopping Tips for choosing a OBD2 scan tools that work with

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Shopping Tips for choosing a OBD2 scan tools that work with multi-brand cars
Will it work with your car?
First and foremost, the scan tool you purchase must support the vehicles you anticipate working on. Although it’s true that OBDII is a standard, there are three different types of hardware communications used by OBDII vehicles. Some tools support all three and some are manufacturer specific. If you’re a diehard Chevy customer, you may be able to save a few dollars by choosing a manufacturer specific tool. Check what car models the scan tools work with, if you can, try to get the supported car list of one scan tool.

Does it support upgrade?
Each year vehicle manufacturers release new models and revise existing models. For a scan tool to fully support the new vehicles, it must typically be upgraded, especially the universal scan tool which works with a number of car models. We usually pay lot money to buy one professional universal scan tool, hoping it is upgraded, although often at a price of some dollars per upgrade. Most lower end handheld scan tools supplied from china are not upgradeable, but for some big tools such as Autel Maxidas DS708, Launch X431 master and more they are upgradeable, especially Maxidas DS708 is original and support upgrading one year for free.

No tool can work with all
No tool can do all, even the scan tools which is supposed to work with a lot of brand car models, these tools include: Launch X431, Autel Maxidas DS708, multi diag J2534 and more. If the users used multi-brand scan tools to diagnose the car models which DS708 can work with, the users will agree DS708 is very good, if the users use DS708 to test the car brand autel DS708 is not compatible, the users will complain DS708 is rubbish which can not do anything. For example, the following part is one good comment from one DS708 user.

"I have Maxidas DS708 from chinese seller. It is working very well with euro and jap cars. Maxidas can do US cars but I have not had a chance to test that yet.

At the beginning there was problems with early e46 BMW, but latest software update has solved that. To me its better then AutoBoss. Also it does support Holden (Opel Australia).
I have tested maxidas on following cars: Toyota Vitz 99-2003, Honda Fit 2001-2004, Mazda Demio 2002-2004, Honda Civic – 2000-2003, BMW E92 2008, Peugeot 2000-2004 206 and 307, MB, VW Polo and Golf 2002-2004, Renault Clio 2003…"

While in the following part, the user complains Autel DS708 do nothing.

"I got my maxidas 2 weeks ago and had been testing it.

so far, these are some of the results I found out with this tool:

1. TOYOTA hilux 1KD- incorrect live data readings, no injector coding

2. ISUZU Jackaroo – incomplete and incorrect live data, no

Injector and pump coding.

3. SAANGYONG – not covered

I will test more cars this week.

As I have observed, my old x431 master is still more reliable compared to maxidas. I hope maxidas will have more upgrades to cover all these soon."
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Re: Shopping Tips for choosing a OBD2 scan tools that work w

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I need these shopping tips very much and I like it also. Thanks for share these tips with us.
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