Voyager starting problems - as if immobiliser on

Voyager starting problems - as if immobiliser on

Postby deansplit » Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:16 am

I'll explain this to the point as there are a few issues that contribute to my problem, hoping someone can advise:

Car: 2006 2.8 CRD Voyager diesel, based in UK

- This prob has been going on since end Oct - car was not firing at first go when starting up, struggling as if dud battery, got increasingly worse till one day totally flat.
- Was a week till warranty expired so called Charles Hurst - recommended Chrysler assist.
- Guy came out and jump started, did diagnostic test on batt - fine!!, Said prob due to short runs (which we do), give it a long run! I was wary of this but took his advice.
- Since then, car traveled on long journey (300 miles), but week later, still struggling to start.
- By this time warranty ran out - reported to CH that orig prob still underlying. After a few heated phone calls, CH agreed to see car but only tested batt - they said couple of cells were dead, so replaced.
- Prob still there - it literally as if fuel cut off - takes many turns b4 it fires. Advised CH but they now said that the job is chargeable as warranty ran out! Nice of them considering this is the same prob I reported within warranty!
- Since the, had RAC out cos wouldn't start - this time, not cos no power but just turns with no actual start. He said it was low on fuel! So filled her up and it started - he then said it is prob heater plugs (it had been getting worse since colder weather).
- So, took it to a local mechanic, he said sounds like the RAC man's right - changed plugs at £130 - still same prob!
- He's now saying he thinks it's either lift pump or a blocked filter head/air somewhere in the line - if I park nose down on drive it'll usually starts after a couple of attempts, but on the flat, it cand grill (black top hat shaped device to draw the fuel up) - again, this backs what the mechanic says about maybe air being there.

I really need to get this sorted - it actually starts better now the plugs are new, but I it's only a bit of the problem - CH said they've only ever sold 4 sets in 10 yrs so not a common fault. Any ideas?????


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