2001 2.2 Leganza Engine Swap

2001 2.2 Leganza Engine Swap

Postby latintrumpetman » Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:12 pm

OK I went to a local junk yard and they said I could use a 2.2 Leganza engine in my 2001 Isuzu rodeo. I did some research and yes its the same engine. So I bought a 2001 Leganza engine and started the swap. When I was changing the oil pan I notice that the Leganza 2.2 engine didn't have an engine counter balance but the isuzu 2.2 did. The engine looked identical on the outside. Has anybody tried this swap before? Will I have any problem since my new engine doesnt have an engine counter balance? Let m eknow what you think. Thanks!!!
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