2005 Kia Sedona LX Parts Van. $800 OBO

2005 Kia Sedona LX Parts Van. $800 OBO

Postby gmcjimmy88 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:14 pm

$800 OR BEST OFFER!! I can send pictures by phone or email. I will try and post pictures this evening.

2005 Kia Sedona LX. It is the base model, red with power windows and power locks, CD, A/C front and rear.

I purchased this van a couple months ago for parts to repair my van. I used most the front body pieces to repair my van. Some of my old parts could be re-used if needed. I removed the following for my van,

Hood, Grille, Bumper Cover, Both Headlamps, A/C Condensor, A/C Dryer, Core Support, Hood Hinges, Hood Latch Assy, and the bracket the hood latch botls to.

I also removed the Alternator to use on my van but it was not needed. My Alternator had a broken connection (I most likely damaged it when I did the front end work but took awhile to break all the way). I started stripping the van of parts to keep as spares but figured someone else could use the rest of the van. If I do not get any interest I will strip it and scrap the rest.

Remaining parts,
Fenders, Doors, All Glass (cracked windshield), rear hatch, Transmission (previous owner said it was rebuilt about a year ago), Interior is dirty but no tears (Bucket front, bench in the middle, bench in the rear), Working power windows/door locks, motor (Does not run). Motor will crank and acts like it wants to start but won't. Not sure what is wrong and to be honest I was not concerned about the motor as I bought for body parts. All the electronics are in tact and good as far as I know. Front and rear A/C systems still in tact (minus the Dryer I used and the condensor that is damaged but did not leak). Brake system is intact and in working order.

If you want indivual parts please let me know and I will verify I have the part and get back with you with price and i figure out if you want to remove the item or you need me too. If wanted you could bring your vehicle and swap the desired part at my house.

If you are interested in the whole van we can discuss any offers and discuss getting it moved. You could get a tow truck if desired or I can deliver it with my truck and trailer free of charge with the asking price or close to it. We can discuss prices if it is delivered outside the local area. I can deliver it for gas money and lunch money lol. By local area I mean withing fayetteville or 30-45 minutes from my house. Anything over 45-60 minutes I will have to charge gas money at least. Either way we can discuss it.

Email me through this ad or call/text me @ 1-nine one zero-8 one 8- 3 nine 2 nine. Thanks for looking at don't be afraid to make an offer as I got what I needed and I need to free up much needed garage space.

Here is a link to one the same color and most of the same options

Pictures of Used - Yahoo! Autos

Again the link is not the van but a similar one for reference only. I will send/and post actual pictures of the van soon.

I started stripping the van to prepare it for the salvage yard. Most of the dash has been removed but still available to include the Airbags and many other parts. Many good parts still available. If you need a specific part let me know and we can work out a price.

I need this thing gone ASAP so do not be affraid to make reasonable offers, you might be suprised! I expect to make $350-$400 scrapping the remaining parts and some extra scrap pieces I have. I figure roughly another $400-$500 by selling the parts I save before scrapping.

I plan to take the van to the salvage yard around the 5th of Dec. if not sold before then.

Van is located in Fayetteville N.C. Zip 28304

Thanks, Sean
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Re: 2005 Kia Sedona LX Parts Van. $800 OBO

Postby josentiu » Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:52 am

kindda late in time reply but it's always best to let the parts sold from a salvage yard since there were some old vans that required rare parts especially in some parts of Europe where some kindda vehicle was still in used up to now. But if you could have second though you can just have those replacement KIA parts and let the vehicle run from the second time around.
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