kia repair manual

kia repair manual

Postby allcarclassics » Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:44 am

Hello all happy kia owners(and not so happy)
I must have one of the best kia models ever made a 06 model cerato ex no. knaf......
done 105,ks only one warranty issue to date, rh rear brake pad worn out at 30,000ks other side nil wear
was told it was not warranty item (normal wear and tear) yeah right?
been a mechanic for 30 years and have restored cars from e type jaguars,alfa romeos,morris minors and so on.
If any sort of worshop manuals exist for this model car i would like to know as i preferr to do my own repair work since
my kia service dealer did not change the cabin air filter for 60ks,( filthy dirty) did it myself and preferr to do my own sevice work since then.
No warranty you say! Just wait till you have a claim and see what you get.
Or are they really throw away junk like other forum members have said.
If no repair manual exist kia must think they never break down.
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