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camshaft position sensor problem

PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:03 pm
by valmadi
i've got a Kia Magentis (2003) 2.0l petrol. A few month ago the engine was starting to cut off. I pulled over and stopped the engine. No warning signs come up. Then i started up the engine again without any problem. After a few miles the same thing happened again and the "check engine" sign came up. I took the car to the garage, they said it was the camshaft position sensor. They replaced it but after about 500 miles it failed again. I took it back, they said it was probably a faulty sensor so they replaced with a new one. Now we broke down with the second new sensor again on the highway. When this problem starts and i leave the engine to have a little rest, i still can drive for a while but then it comes more and more often. Do you have any idea what else could cause this problem, or what can cause the sensor failure?