Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada

Postby glen9 » Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:27 pm

Hi,The Nissan Armada is Nissan's full-size SUV. It shares its body-on-frame F-Alpha platform with the Nissan Titan pickup truck, Nissan Xterra SUV, Nissan Frontier pickup truck, and Nissan Pathfinder SUV. An upscale version of the Armada was sold as the Infiniti QX56 from 2004 to 2010, when it switched to a platform based on the Nissan Patrol. All Armadas are currently built in Canton, Mississippi.
ImageThe rear door handles are installed on the "C" pillar as a Nissan design tradition started with the 1986 Nissan Pathfinder. When the four door Pathfinder was introduced, Nissan chose to conceal the door handles as a part of the "C" pillar trim to visually make it appear like a two door truck with a camper shell, with conventional door handles on the front doors.
The Armada has a 5.6 L 317 hp (227 kW) & 393 lb. of torque VK56DE V8 engine, a 5-speed automatic transmission, and a choice of rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The Armada was designed for North America and introduced for the 2004 model year. The switch to the Armada name was made in 2005, where it got new badges. It was restyled for the 2008 model year. Plastische Chirurgie
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Re: Nissan Armada

Postby Pierredekock » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:56 am

The car looks awesome , going to take a test drive

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Re: Nissan Armada

Postby simonatkins » Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:55 am

Based on the definitions, it seems to be more comfortable to use compared to other cars. As you've stated you can choose between rear drive and four wheel drive. That seems to be awesome and I'm liking it. I plan to take a test drive on the Nissan Armada this week, I think.

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Re: Nissan Armada

Postby rickythomas » Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:28 am

Nice information you have added here about the Nissan Armada with great picture. It is nice things that the Armada has a 5.6 L 317 hp (227 kW) & 393 lb. of torque VK56DE V8 engine, a 5-speed automatic transmission. I want to say thanks for sharing information about it and the link for more info.

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