How to Completely Check a used car before Buying

How to Completely Check a used car before Buying

Postby carplaceeurodb » Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:59 am

Buying a Car can be tricky if you do not know much about the cars. If you are buying a new car then you must consider some of the points given below so as to make your purchase a profitable venture for you. These points will help you in physically checking the car on sale.

Check the tires

You can begin with checking the tires of the car. If the condition of the tires is not good and they are sagging then you might have to invest in changing the tires soon after the purchase. You must discuss this point with the person who is planning to sell Car to you. You can be dealing with the dealer or the owner himself but in both the cases you must bring this point to notice.

Check the paint job

It is important to check the paint job. While checking the paint, you must check if there are rust spots, scratches or dents. If you see waviness at the end of the sides of the car then you should ask if any paint job has been done recently. Well, this waviness is the clear indicator of a recent paint work. To confirm it further, you can simply run your fingers on the edges and if you find a little roughness then you can be sure that the paint on the car is not the original one. People who sell used car usually get the paint work done to get better price.

Check the condition of the trunk

You should check the condition of the car trunk to check if it is in good condition or not. If you see any signs of rust or any wear or tear inside the trunk then you can make out that the car is either very old or has been used roughly. Rust inside the trunk can be because of the holes or cracks and you must observe it closely. All these minor things affect the used car values.

Check the interiors of the car

All the interiors including seats, seat covers, seat belts, hoses etc must be checked carefully. You must check the upholstery if it is worn out or has signs of wear and tear. Check the odometer for the distance travelled by the car. The air conditioner can also be checked.

Check the engine

The easiest way to check the engine and the performance of the car is to take it for a test drive. You can see if the clutch, brakes and car control is fine or not. If you are buying a car from a used car sale then also you can take a test drive and satisfy yourself. These are some points that you can consider while you go for buying used car. If you are at a used car sale then you need enough time to check these things in the cars you like. But without checking these things you cannot assess the correct used car values.
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Re: How to Completely Check a used car before Buying

Postby hilaryjohnson » Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:23 am

You can provided Us an excellent tips to check a car before buying otherwise a vehicle inspection by an expert is the ultimate peace of mind, though it is likely to cost a few hundred pounds. Thanks & please continue sharing useful facts.

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Re: How to Completely Check a used car before Buying

Postby Mohit Gupta » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:11 am

Contact to a Expert and Experienced Mechanic.....
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