Where can I buy solar pannels for my electric/hybrid car.

Where can I buy solar pannels for my electric/hybrid car.

Postby nullojom » Wed Jun 17, 2009 3:19 am

Where can I buy some sollar pannels to put on the roof or on the hood of a car?

The car I have right now, is a total junk. It's a gas and it's totally sluggish, plus it's old so it smells like shit.

I'm seriously thinking about buying an electric vehicle or a used hybrid so I can save up on some money. I'm totally broke and I'm unemployed most of the time. But I have ten or so grand I can spend from credit if I can put it into something as a callateral that I can show to the bank, which an electric or hybrid hevicle is perfect because it barely depreciated or at least depreciates a lot less that ICE cars. Plus me being broke doesn't help at all with the gass prices, I can berely afford to drive at all with a car, but I can have an electric vehicle as long as it has some extra solar pannels and some extra batteries, which is ok for me in terms of finances because they will be covered by the low interest loan, easy money.
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Re: Where can I buy solar pannels for my electric/hybrid car. Do a search on your computer.

Postby dvatripol » Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:55 pm

Do a search on your computer. Search "solar panels". You will find many web sites related to the subject and many sources for buying panels.
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Re: Where can I buy solar pannels for my electric/hybrid car. --------------- The amount of

Postby besoza » Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:46 am


The amount of money you have isn't very much - and you might not be able to afford a used hybrid - but I can show you some electric vehicles you can afford.


First, there's the ZAP car. It costs $10000.




The ZAP is a city car - it won't do freeway speeds. If you need to do freeways, you might want a used or converted gas car - some of these cars can be had for less than $5000:






These cars use lead-acid batteries - that's the old battery technology, so you will only be able to drive about 50 miles between charges.


Solar panels cost thousands, but charging from the outlet isn't very expensive. In fact, in my state (Michigan) the electric company has a special rate for electric cars - just 2 and 1/2 cents per kilowatt-hour. I drive about 1300 miles per month, and the electricity cost for my EV is only 8 dollars. In most gas cars, the gas for 1300 miles would cost nearly $250.


If you do this, be sure to join an EV club to learn how to care for your vehicle. EVs are very reliable, and almost never break down. But you have to care for your batteries so they last a long time.

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